Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) is a brand name for Structural Integration from the pioneering work of Dr Ida P Rolf and developed by Thomas Myers based on his book Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. Bringing the work of both these highly regarded professionals ensures highly trained therapist an understanding of a whole body posture and movement patterning, by opening up the joints, correcting inhibited postural behaviours and opening up the breath. The techniques used in ATSI are a series of superficial to deep bodywork sessions where the client participates by moving to promote release and retrain the affected muscles to unravel complex patterns caused from injury and misuse. KMI works best on chronic conditions and stops clients from returning for treatment on the same injury time after time.

KMI has been rebranded to ATSI - Anatomy Trains Structural Integration to coincide with the concept of Anatomy Trains.


Is 12 Separate Sessions And Each Session Lasting From 60-90 Minutes (Please Allow 90 Minutes For Each Session). Following The Recipe Based On The Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians, Working In A Specific Order To Help The Body Realign With Long Lasting Results. The First Four  Sessions Are Superficial Sessions, The Next Four Sessions Are Deep And The Final Four Sessions Are Integrating Sessions So You Can Go Home And Enjoy Your New Posture, Breathing And Movement.

Working And Releasing Your Body From Head To Toe, Front To Back, Side To Side And Across Your Body. Unravelling Your Body Slowly To Allow The Changes To Integrate Before Moving Onto The Next Treatment. Giving You Body Awareness And Centring Your Body With Gravity.

Each Session Will Start And End With A Body Reading Assessment So The Practitioner Can Determine What Is Happening Within Your Body At That Particular Moment. Then Moving Into The Treatment Part Of The Session Where You Will Be Asked To Take An Active Part In The Treatment By Moving To Encourage Your Tissue To Awaken And Correct The Movement Pattern That Has Been Inhibited By Injury, Compensation, Illness Or Emotional Trauma. You Will Be Given Tasks To Enhance The Integration At Home, This Maybe Simple Tasks Such As Being Aware Of The Changes Within Your Body To Simple Exercises To Correct And Improve The Changes Made During The Session.

It Is Recommended To Do The Sessions Weekly Or Fortnightly For Best Results, But Can Be Done Over A Longer Period If Necessary.

Please Be Aware We Are Changing , In Some Cases, Long Lasting Habits And It Is Important For You To Correct Your Habits For These Changes To Become Permanent And This Can Be Achieved Bysimply Being Aware Of The Way You Move, Sit Or Stand. 

Dr Ida P Rolf

Thomas Myers

Follow up sessions in  6-12 months with the 

3 Series

For whatever reason you feel you need further treatment after 6-12 months, the 3 series is used as a simplified treatment using the same techniques and assessments as the 12 Series but only takes 3 sessions.

  • The first session will start at the feet working up to Rib 12
  • The second session covers the front of the torso and arms
  • The third session concentrates on correcting the spine and neck