If you suffer from acute pain like - Headaches or migraines, sciatica, lower back/knee/hip/shoulder/joint pain, stiff neck, sore feet, bursitis, tennis or golfers elbow, frozen shoulder or had a sports injury and you can't handle the pain and you just want it better today, then this is the treatment for short term relief. This is what I call, "treating the pain not the cause". In some cases your pain may never return but in my experience if your not treating the cause then it will return one day!

In these treatments we'll start with a quick assessment to get an idea on what muscles are inhibited and then using remedial techniques we release, awaken, stretch and encourage the muscles to work optimally for you to enjoy freedom, better range of movement and velocity to the area.

You will get the best results if you know why, how and when the injury started. This helps me to understand what's going on and how to treat you. But if you "just woke up like this" then think about what you where doing 2-3 days before the pain started. There is always a reason why you are in pain, so just listen to your body, even those subtle little hints you brush off maybe the starting of something more painful days, weeks, months even years down the track.

Remedial massage is good for all ages. Please advice me if you suffer from any health conditions as there are always contraindications for certain medical conditions and remedial massage may make your condition worse.Which neither of us want.

Time allowed for these treatments are 30-60 minutes. Please advise me when you book your appointment what your complaint is so we allow the correct amount of time and depending on how long you have had the complaint you may need further treatment.