Welcome to Poised 

Sandy has always known she was going to help people.

In 2006 Sandy qualified as a Remedial Massage Therapist and Touch for Health Practitioner where she fulfilled her dream, finally she was working with people to improve their lives. She attended workshops to keep up with the latest techniques and research until March 2014 she walked into a course that changed the way she was going to look at the body again.

Qualifying in June 2015 in the first class held in Australia as a Kinesis Myofascial Integrator (KMI) Structural Integrator (SI). She is the only SI for approximately 4-500km's in country New South Wales West of Sydney.

Sandy's passion to help all walks of life to improve their posture, to open up their breathing to give them vitality and joint mobility to move with ease is very rewarding.

Opening her first clinic in 2007 Shambala Massage Clinic and due to her new qualifications has just changed her business name to POISED. Her decision to change the business name was difficult but necessary. The meaning of POISED for Sandy is what she is wanting to achieve for each of her clients within their bodies so they can achieve their own goals.

Sandy works with other Health Professionals to give the best possible care to all of her clients. She believes networking with other like minded people is important and very rewarding to be able to bounce ideas of treatment plans, training and sharing knowledge.


Sandy Corcoran